YFN Georgia Distributing Pig Genetics from the United Kingdom

We are pleased to announce that our Livestock Division will now be distributing Grandparent Gilts, Parent Gilts and Terminal Sires from the production network of JSR Genetics of the UK.

JSR Genetics is the largest privately owned pig genetics company in the UK and part of JSR Farming Group, one of Britain’s largest agribusinesses. Every year millions of pigs derived from JSR’s carefully designed breeding programmes are profitably raised and processed around the world.

JSR has sixteen daughter nucleus herds abroad and scores of multiplier partners, franchisees and distributors worldwide. More information can be found at JSR’s Website

We are confident that the genetic excellence and high health status of the JSR stock, combined with skilled post-sales service from YFN Georgia, will result in strong sales in the Georgia market, and better profitability for Georgian farmers.

For more information on the classes of stock available, please refer to our website:

Grandparent Stock

Parent Gilts

Terminal Sires

Boar Semen

For Sales Queries, contact enquiries@yfn.com.ge


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