National Cattle Vaccination Scheme

The recently announced universal cattle vaccination scheme, against Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Anthrax, is a step in the right direction. Experience shows that, in Georgia, vaccination against epidemic diseases is rarely complied with unless free. However, vaccination of sheep and goats is of similar importance. Likewise, the urgency for pig vaccination against FMD is more urgent as pigs typically are the first to be infected (index cases in outbreaks) , by eating contaminated kitchen scraps.


Mr. David Koberidze, head of NFA has held a briefing at the Ministry of Agriculture, during which he summarized the results of the first stage of vaccination.

LEPL NFA of Ministry of Agriculture has started prophylactic vaccination against especially hazardous Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) from August, 1st. It is planned to vaccinate 922,330 heads of cattle country-wide. At this stage, 58,066 heads have been already vaccinated.

Prophylactic vaccination is being carried out in the frames of state program Vaccination for Free. Prophylactic vaccination against Anthrax – a dangerous infectious disease transmittable from animal to human- will start in historically affected areas from September 1st. About 672 private vets will be engaged in the state program.

Parallel to vaccination, cattle identification is being carried out. Special tags are attached on the ears of the cattle and are assigned unique identification number. Following the end of vaccination program accurate electronic data will be collected.

Cattles are being vaccinated with famous French company vaccines that are safe for animal health. Products of animal origin (milk, meat) are safe as well.


via Agency News – LEPL National Food Safety.


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