Climate change implications for grain production are usually assumed to be negative. Real data does not appear to support the thesis. A very blunt appraisal presented here…Certainly we should be devoting attention and resources to conserving water resources and arresting desertification, but CO2 abatement may not be the highest priority in doing so.

Watts Up With That?

Global warming kills spaghetti crop

Sigh, “The End of Pasta?” reads more like “The end of journalism”

Short pastaSome days, there appears such blatant stupidity in the MSM, you wonder if there isn’t some sort of award than can be handed out for it. I think Mark Hertsgaard is deserving of such an award for this moronically mendacious missive where he manages to work the two poster children for ridiculous climate alarmism into one paragraph:

Hurricane Sandy’s recent devastation of New York and neighboring states reminded Americans of what Hurricane Katrina demonstrated in 2005: global warming makes weather more extreme, and extreme weather can be extremely dangerous. But flooding coastlines aren’t our only worry. Climate change is also imperiling the very foundation of human existence: our ability to feed ourselves.

This colossal disconnect (name a hurricane that hit the wheat belt) makes me want to call him up and…

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