A global wine shortage could soon be upon us

High grape prices in the 2013 Georgian vintage have been attributed mostly to the opening of the Russian market, but perhaps global factors are also at play. A concise analysis with some interesting charts…


Precision Agriculture and Geographic Information System Services in Georgia

We are happy to advise that we are presently providing Precision Agriculture services to Westland LLC, operating a 1700 dryland cereal growing property in the Sighnaghi district of Kakheti.


Preparing for October planting of wheat and barley, we have divided the property up into a grid on a GIS map and sampled soil from the centre of each grid square.

Geographic Information System, dividing of property into grid to pre-plot soil sample sites according to GPS co-ordinanates


Our samples are promptly and economically processed by our partners in America and fertiliser recommendations provided to meet the plant’s requirements based on a target yield.

By developing recommendations for each field, or even for portions of a field where soil type is variable, we can obtain very high yields and good product quality while avoiding over-fertilisation of more productive plots. It is common for operators to save up to 25% of fertiliser expenditure compared to generic blanket applications. Given that compound fertiliser prices in Georgia are very high, the service has a very high return on investment.