Precision Agriculture and Geographic Information System Services in Georgia

We are happy to advise that we are presently providing Precision Agriculture services to Westland LLC, operating a 1700 dryland cereal growing property in the Sighnaghi district of Kakheti.


Preparing for October planting of wheat and barley, we have divided the property up into a grid on a GIS map and sampled soil from the centre of each grid square.

Geographic Information System, dividing of property into grid to pre-plot soil sample sites according to GPS co-ordinanates


Our samples are promptly and economically processed by our partners in America and fertiliser recommendations provided to meet the plant’s requirements based on a target yield.

By developing recommendations for each field, or even for portions of a field where soil type is variable, we can obtain very high yields and good product quality while avoiding over-fertilisation of more productive plots. It is common for operators to save up to 25% of fertiliser expenditure compared to generic blanket applications. Given that compound fertiliser prices in Georgia are very high, the service has a very high return on investment.





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