EU Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, and implications for Agriculture and Food Safety

Yesterday the EU Delegation to Georgia ran a half-day introductory workshop for Georgian industry, NGO’s and civil society on the implications of Georgia’s impending initialling of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU, which will happen next month in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Presentations from the EU, from the Georgian National Food Authority, the Georgian Revenue Service (which operates a Sanitary and Phytosanitary Unit at Georgia’s land and sea border crossings) provided a basic framework for what farmers, traders and food processors must expect to implement over the next two years.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation, as recipient of an EU grant for engaging civil society in the process, presented their findings on challenges and risks associated with implementing tougher new regulations on food safety and traceability. The Georgian Farmers’ Association also announced the development of their own on-farm QA system, modelled on GlobalGAP but with less demanding standards.

Interesting discussions were held regarding private food safety laboratories being eligible to subcontract for the National Food Authority and the ability of Georgia to import and utilise genetically modified organisms.

The EU delegation announced that a series of seven very detailed seminars on specific issues will follow, every second month, over the next year. Food business operators and farmers interested in participating should refer their query to the relevant EU official, Mr Antonio LoParco, at







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