Tissue Testing: Precision Agriculture programme on 2500 Ha of cereal cropping land

This month we will be testing over 2500 Ha of estate as part of our Precision Agriculture programme; tissue testing of wheat and barley crops to guide the farmers on how much additional fertiliser to add in March to crops, and soil testing to plan for late spring plantings of sunflower, mungbean, mustard and canola. Solid NPK and micronutrient will be laid down at seeding.


By engaging in targetted soil and tissue testing, matched with GPS-enabled datalogging and division of farms up into management plots, we can exactly match nutritional requirements of plants with fertiliser application suitable for the growth phase of the plant and the soil in that part of the property. This results in superior yields and quality parameters, while keeping fertiliser costs as much as 30% below that of conventional  blanket regimes.

We work closely with a US laboratory partner to ensure international standards of accuracy.

We will post pictures and video over the next few weeks to demonstrate how this programme operates.



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