Chemigation is the practice of applying chemical to a field through the irrigation system. As centre pivots and laterals apply water very evenly over the field compared to rain guns or stationary sprinklers, they are an ideal conduit for chemicals such as fertiliser, herbicide, fungicide and insecticide to be applied at very consistent rates. Not all chemicals are suitable for this purpose, but there are hundreds of brand-name pesticides and fertilisers from the US that are specifically registered for use via centre pivots.

Advantages of chemigation over boom-sprays mounted on tractors are:

*No need to book spraying contractors such as Meqanizatori

*No fuel costs.

*Only one operator needed

*No risk of a tractor accidentally damaging potato beds

*No risk of soil compaction due to a tractor operating on a wet field.

*Speed of operation and accuracy of application rate.

* Much less exposure of labour to chemical

Our fertigation mixers from INTA are ideally suited to this purpose, capable of injecting up to eight different chemicals in precise amounts into the irrigation main line, and capable of handling a wide range of fertilisers and pesticides.



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