Competitiveness of Georgian Agriculture: Investment Case Studies

We and ISET Policy Institute recently completed a series of eight case studies of commercial agribusinesses in Georgia, for the USAID-funded Economic Prosperity Initiative project. As some of you may know, Simon serves on the Policy Expert Committee of ISET-PI .The studies can be downloaded from here.


Many of the case studies have been performed upon YFN Georgia’s clients’ enterprises, for which we are very grateful for their co-operation and trust. The basic structure of each case study is:

(a) Look at the business enabling environment in which these enterprises operate, and determine to what extent this helps or hinders their activities.

(b) Examine the impact the enterprises have, on such issues as unemployment, food security, tax revenue, training, and exports.

(c) Develop concrete recommendations for investors on how to reduce risks and improve chances of success based on the experiences of others.

(d) Develop concrete recommendations for government on how to attract and maintain foreign direct investment in Georgian agriculture, for mutual benefit of the investors, surrounding communities and the Georgian state.

A seminar will be held later this year at ISET to discuss the findings in a more interactive fashion. It is to be hoped that it will stimulate industry and government to celebrate successes, and reflect upon failures, for the benefit of Georgia’s rural sector.


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