Tbilisi’s Floods and Donations to the Bereaved

As many will know, a severe thunderstorm on Saturday night in Tbilisi caused a landslide, followed by a severe flood of the Vera River and the areas adjacent to the Mtkvari River. This video from the Ministry of Environment details how the disaster occurred.

The scenes of devastation associated with houses along the Vera River being washed away, with inhabitants trapped inside, has been deeply distressing. Tbilisi people have nonetheless shown up in their thousands, unpaid, to shovel and sweep away debris and to get their city working again. Many companies have donated heavy equipment, shovels and wheelbarrows to the effort and many private citizens have been feeding the volunteers from their own resources. The spirit shown has been heartening

As some may know, our company has a substantial cooperation with ISET, the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University. Simon sits on the Policy Expert Committee of the school’s thinktank, ISET Policy Institute, we host graduate students from ISET as Summer Interns in Agribusiness, and there is extensive co-operation between our firm and ISET-PI’s new Agricultural Policy Research Centre.

It is with great sadness that we found out today that two of ISET’s students, Mariam Kutelia and Ivlita Jibuti, were killed in Saturday’s flood. Both women were 22 years old and in their final year of their Masters degrees in Economics; they were only a few weeks from graduation. It is a great tragedy that such talented Georgian professionals with such a bright future ahead of them were taken from us so prematurely, and devastating to their families. May their Memory be Eternal.


ISET has established a fund for the assistance of the families of these two young ladies, who have not only lost beloved family members but their homes as well, and to further endow a scholarship at ISET in their memory. Those wishing to contribute may do so at:

By internal (Georgian) wire transfer:

Partnership for Economics Education and Research
ProCredit Bank, Central Branch
Account Number: GE57PC0233600100011081

By international wire transfer:

Partnership for Economics Education and Research (PEER)

Citibank NA



Further credit: Citibank FSB, Washington, DC, ABA #254070116

Account #:  9250388020

Account Holder: Partnership for Economics Education and Research (PEER) 

By US domestic wire transfer:

Citibank FSB

Washington, DC

ABA#: 254070116

Account #: 9250388020

Account Holder: Partnership for Economics Education and Research (PEER)


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