Agribusiness Leadership Programme backed by YFN Georgia

It is now 20 years since our founder, Simon Appleby, established his first agribusiness operation in Southeast Asia under the umbrella of YFN Georgia’s East Asian sister company. Looking back over two decades of tremendously hard work, laughter, frustration and satisfaction in emerging markets agribusiness, we recognise that leadership is just as important as technical mastery or market penetration. Our senior personnel have all benefited greatly from mentors in their youth, and from membership of voluntary networks dedicated to developing leadership and technical capability. We wish to ensure that our promising young leaders in the South Caucasus enjoy the same opportunities for growth and good fellowship that we have enjoyed early in our careers. For this reason, we have developed the local chapter of the Nuffield Farm Scholarship Programme.


The Nuffield Farm Scholarship Programme was developed around 70 years ago, supported by an endowment from British industrialist Lord Nuffield. The programme selected the best and brightest farmers from Britain for a two year period of leadership training, travel, study, and dissemination of knowledge acquired to local industry, to great effect.

The programme spread rapidly through the Commonwealth and Ireland, with Nuffield Scholars drawn from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. More recently, France and the Netherlands have become member countries of the programme, with countries such as Brazil, India, China, Mozambique, Indonesia, Japan and the United States as associate member countries.


A network of 1600 Nuffield Scholars is now in place worldwide, including captains of agro-industry, senior government decision makers and successful owner-operators of family-owned farm businesses. Past scholars have regular networking opportunities at the Annual Farming Conference in November incorporating all of the Nuffield networks from around the world, as well as regular national meetings and conferences. Current Scholars not only enjoy these opportunities, but also the Contemporary Scholars Conference, the Global Focus Programme tours in small groups examining world’s best practice in agriculture for up to 7 weeks, and their own tailored travel programme for the individual research project, from 3-11 months in length. Scholars’ research projects are presented at the Annual Conference to all other scholars, and upon return to their home countries a programme of public speaking and knowledge transfer is arranged for the benefit of local industry.

Nuffield Scholars from Australia and New Zealand share their experiences from their Scholarships.


YFN Georgia is currently providing the Secretariat for Nuffield Caucasus, a Georgian-registered NGO tasked with developing a funding network for local scholars from the South Caucasus, and identifying suitable potential Scholars. Nuffield Caucasus shall be approaching industry, government and donors to support Scholars from Georgia initially, and eventually from the whole region.

For potential Scholars and private companies seeking information on the Nuffield Farm Scholarship Programme, click here

For government agencies and foreign donors seeking information on how to support Nuffield Caucasus, click here

Further details can be obtained by contacting YFN Georgia’s Philanthropy Manager, Ms Tamara Mamukelashvili. 


Educated in Cyprus and California, and with a background in the arts and marketing, Tamara is responsible for three philanthropic ventures developed by YFN Georgia, all involving substantial international interaction.